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Hay,, welcome to my tumbrl. This is part of my place of expression with the other side that I have. Here I was free to spend what I want. Reblog is one of my favorite here. Hope you liked what I gave. Follow me if you like. And one that I hate is when what I wanted I could not accomplish. I'm very fond of sweet foods. Ice cream chocolate, with some nuts on top. Wow, very nice. Always stuck in that problem is one of my habit. I love my mom and my dad and my three brothers. My male friends OMBETZ I love him, we are preparing the future together. May it come true. الله is the god who is always there beside me. I'm proud to be a Muslim woman. Hopefully I can for it. And for those you respect and care about your family, because it is the key to your success. And do not forget to always remember your god wherever and in whatever circumstances you.
an animal what I like most? is a SNAKE.
I loved animals since I was little and I think it's very challenging. the snake was very enjoyable, it's beautiful, brave, and never retreat. really describe my true self. I've had a very stressful experience with a snake, a snake to bite me twice. but God still loves me and letting me stay alive until now. It does not make me fear and hate snakes. I was more like it. I remember from the past until now I often help people if they feel threatened by the presence of snakes around it. My dad always scold me if I'm doing it. but I can not stand if they see a snake that exist around me feel hurt. I just want to protect animals. but it sometimes makes me a little scared. I had time to think want to take care in my home, but you know my father would forbid it with a bang. but I'll still always liked Snake.
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